In 1969, Margaret and Germain Morin moved their family to Auburn, NY and opened the doors of a small tool and die shop, building a business around the flourishing manufacturing industry in the area.  Years later, more of the family joined the business and helped move the shop from its original location to the site of the current headquarters.  The original management of 4M Precision Stamping, had a vision for the company based on high quality-standards, customer satisfaction, and calculated expansion.

At 4M Precision Industries today, our management team features one of the original founders, four from the second generation, and two from the third generation of the founding family.  Additionally, over the years we have added skilled and dedicated non-family members, rounding out an experienced and versatile team.

bet356网址4M Precision has become an important and lasting institution in the Morin family.  The second and third generations of management employ the same philosophy that Margaret and Germain built the business around forty years ago – maintaining integrity in personal relationships while delivering cost effective quality products.