4M Precision has developed a 20,000 square foot paint shop and finishing facility, separate from our Headquarters and main plant, to meet a vast arrangement of painting and finishing needs.

Our finishing facility features two 600-foot automated conveyors and 3 batch booths for short run painting or powdercoating.

The size of the conveyors and the organization of the 4M finishing facility allow us bulk-rack small parts, finishing smaller parts in high volume with high output rates, while also allowing us to short-run much larger parts. Our system can handle finishing parts up to 10ft x 3ft x 6ft in size.

4M Precision’s finishing facility is set up with pre-treatment, powdercoating and wet processing capabilities. A comprehensive list of our specific capabilities:


-Iron Phosphate
-Zinc Phosphate
-Chemical Film
-Chromate Conversion Mil-Spec


-Specialty Finishes

Wet Process Painting

-Wet-Process Mil-Spec